Saturday, January 2, 2010

it's the apathy that calls them here-

another day gone;
my week of tranquility is rapidly sifting through the fingers of time, and soon i will find myself seated in a desk during fourth period english, having the longing to bang my head against the desk until i black out.
i honestly hate sundays, you need to start winding down for school, you cant stay up late, and you're more than likely to end up doing chores and other mindless, droning shit that nobody wants to do.

deluded into false hope;

dumbfounded. naive. nobody else knows anything about anything at all, except you. you've found the one. you swear up and down you two were made for each other. you see the other girls, but it doesn't bother you one bit. you put your full trust into him. you've tricked yourself into believing you love him, you really do. 
you know it cant possibly be true,
you know that pipe dreams keep you hanging on,
to a string of hope, 
that perhaps he really could love you.
and somehow,
it gets you through the day.
you stupid girl, all you had
you wasted on him.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


-The mix of everything right and wonderful in the world. <3
I used to live off that stuff. =.=

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Swiftly has the doldrums inched upon my heavy heart. I presume this is what I've earned for lingering at home instead of attending school -- hooray.
This just pours bliss upon my soul.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Attempting to conjure up something witty..
AAAAAAAND, failure. Lovely.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I hate being sick. I hate being sick. I hate being sick. I hate being sick. I hate being sick. I hate being sick.
So, here I am, with a sore throat, runny nose, and nothing better to do than perch at home and blog.
Let's see, you'd expect I'd have something rather diverting and jocular to post in this thing seeing how I've drained the past few days just sitting at home. You'd think that was fairly enough thinking time for me.
You'd be surprised.
In fact, you'd be quite disheartened at the incapability of my habitually shrewd mind. 
Oh, Kacie, please put that adept vocabulary to use! You'd push, and alas, I would surely give in, for lack of better explanation.
Give me a break, people. I just woke from superb slumber, and this occasion I succeeded in grasping just a measly seven hours of sleep.
And oh, tomorrow I am obligated to return to that lovely school. One more thing, I will not be reminiscing school memoirs in this blog. There is nothing momentous about school, aside from education. But that should be quite evident, is it not?
Well, perhaps if you were a dolt. 
Now, let's talk business, Lenny. I'm not quite sure how often I will update this blog. See, I'm quite horrendous when it comes to commitment -- aheh. What's today, Sundeee? Bleh, I don't find myself lighthearted on Sundays. I'll most likely update this during the week, if I'm not caught up in the seemingly unending abyss of schoolwork. Alrighty, then. I shall return sometime during the week.